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NXSH, is an East London based Artist and Photographer. Her main focus and points of interest lie with photographic portraiture and painting, using her work to explore current events, creative consciousness and themes regarding race and cultural histories, observing elements beyond the surface of society and what is portrayed in the media. Nxsh explores running themes inspired by music, art and cultural influences from Africa and the diaspora within her painted and drawn portraits. She shoots mainly with digital and 35mm film but has recently begun exploring the uses of video in more recent projects.




Taking inspiration from life, emotions and feelings are something that NXSH aims to express through her seascapes. As well as looking at photographs of bodies of water whilst painting she also listens to the sounds of crashing waves. This process has become somewhat therapeutic and calming during challenging times.




Her abstract pieces are what she calls 'visual introspections'. The process of creating these works is cathartic, whilst painting these NXSH is more connected to her art when she uses instruments that have a more primitive feel. Each colour has a connection to an emotion, feeling or even sound in some cases..




NXSH has recently created work centered on trainers from various brands because they have always been a source of expression for her and different subcultures. Taking the meaning of "custom kicks" to a whole new level Nxsh illustrates images of trainers using bold colours and intricate line work that almost lends itself to a tribal aesthetic, in some cases using pairs of trainers as the chosen canvas.




Subject of Skin Colour

The subject of skin tone and beauty has been prevalent within the black community for decades. NXSH decides to depict people with darker skin tone in her images to celebrate the aesthetic whilst challenging the perceptions of dark skin tone within parts of the black community and society. This is an issue that may seem outdated but is still currently playing a part in the way many people think today.




The majority of images that are viewed nowadays are on a screen or in passing, whilst scrolling through a blog, walking through a station or flicking through a magazine. An Image very rarely holds our attention for a long period of time (unless you have an interest in the visual arts). Hence why Nxsh wants to create visually stimulating, perplexing and slightly abstract pieces that require a bit more observation before the viewer casts their attention to something else.

























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